Borom was a Skrall general who lead the Empire of Darkness's assault on New Atero.

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History Edit

Bara Magna Edit

Borom was a part of Tuma's tribe of Skrall in Roxtus. He was the tribe's most skilled warrior; all but guaranteeing the tribe a win whenever he fought. Which is not to say he ever lost; in fact, Kaeren is the only person to even land a hit on the Skrall in the arena. At some point during this period, Borom named himself. However, he was too useful for Tuma to do anything about the blatant disregard for custom.

Empire of Darkness Edit

Personality Edit

Borom is extremely confident in his abilities. He is a cold and calculating warrior, and independent. His only flaw is that his pride and hatred occasionally outweigh his good sense.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Borom was granted the ability to control stone by Velika.

Borom is well known for being an excellent warrior, having won all of Atero's Great Tournaments that he participated in. He is skilled to the point where only one opponent has ever landed a hit on him.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Borom wields the Skrall's standard fare: sword with thornax launcher and a saw-blade shield.

Quotes Edit

"Chess? Chess is nothing compared to the art of war." - an argument with Insidian