Light it is one of the Elemental Forces. It can be divided into several forms including: Sunlight, Starlight, Moonlight, and pure Light.

Light Edit

Starlight Edit

Starlight is the purest and brightest form of light. It is the most versatile for offensive capabilitys which can range from small beams to planet destroying waves. It is so pure and burns so hot that it burns everything it touches. It is distinguished by its silver aura, which is actually the air burning around it.

Only two beings have shown the ability of Starlight, the most noticeable of which is Solorok Being made of it.

Sunlight Edit

Sunlight is a more balanced middle ground form of light used for both offensive and defensive Abilites. It has burning power like Starlight but to a lesser degree, and has an added radiation field.

Moon Light Edit

Moon Light was an Light-derived element, similar to Starlight in coloration, but being more white than silver. While some may have considered it inferior to Sunlight, this was simply not the case. Moonlight was around equal to Sunlight and normal Light in terms of offensive capability, but was also more esoteric, able to heal wounds or restore things rather than simply just destroy them.

It was used by Pontiff Mardis and possibly Lync.

Use and Application Edit

Light -

Starlight - Starlights pure raw power is used soley for offensive attacks. It can be formed into blasts, beams, bombs, waves, and weapons like blades and arrows.

Sunlight -

Moonlight - could be used to heal wounds or injuries, or create extremely lifelike hardlight illusions, which were more akin to disguised constructs than true illusions. This power to create illusions was used often by a prime user of Moonlight, Pontiff Mardis.