Ithmys is a Toa of magic who is a member of the Vanguard .


Ithmys lived on a different planet way out in the Solis Magna system. Ithmys was one of the few people who could utilize the power of a certain artifact, and this made him a target for one of the threats on his native planet. Slowly, Ithmys' friends began to suffer loses for Ithmys, and deciding that he wouldn't let his friends be hurt for his sake, Ithmys left his home planet and migrated to the newly reformed Spherus Magna. The problem was, even after being reformed, not everyone had great living conditions. Ithmys, living in the Bo section of New Atero, began to assist people around New Atero and other places, but he did not participate much in the war effort against Velika.

Ithmys soon made a trek to another area outside of New Atero, and when he returned, he saw how much New Atero had changed. Ithmys then met Glacies, a member of the Vanguard, and soon learns about the Prophet Robot kidnapping the Turaga of Sonics. He then travels with the Vanguard and successfully defeats the Prophet, then returns back to the Xia bar. Ithmys was then attacked and knocked out by Petram, and then headed to the Tower. In the aftermath of the tower, Ithmys was doing stuff in the two months… Later, Ithmys heads to the moon with the rest of the crew due to a belief that alien species may reside on the moon.

Personality Edit

Ithmys is very kind. He has never killed anyone in his whole life, and he is overly merciful when the best choice is to punish. This can be his downfall, but it's difficult for him to make a choice that results in pain. He hates to see people suffer, and if he does, he gets quite angry with the being responsible. He is also very non-violent. Due to this, his fighting skills are a bit off. His powers are usually used for various magic-scientific purposes at his lab. Usually, Ithmys tries to talk it out before fighting, but in some cases he engages in battle for various reasons.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ithmys' powers let him control magic.

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The reason that Ithmys doesn't have a weapon is due to his nonviolent nature. If he sees a serious problem, however, he would use his powers to fix it.