New AteroEdit

A huge city at the center of the planet's surface, consisting of six districts that are city's in their own right.

Torok's DimensionEdit

A pocket dimension, separate from most other realities, in which Torok and his followers occasionally reside. Little is known about it, except for it possesses a living area of some kind, and a throne room for Torok himself.


Spherus MagnaEdit

The planet where most of the Next Chapterverse's events take place on. Formerly a near-dead, sandy husk, it was revitalized with the sacrifice of the god Mata Nui, who restored it to a more lush, lively state. Of course, it is still the battleground of malignant would-be gods and demons, but hey, at least its pretty.

The Fortress of DarknessEdit

A huge dark fortress, created from the remains of the Great Spirirt Robot, and maintained by the Empire of Darkness as their main base. It was attacked by Hanah under Torok's orders, but survived and was likely repaired.

Similar to most fortresses, the Fortress of Darkness held a number of cells and interrogation rooms, as well as an armory, and a large throne room for Velika.

Has since been transformed into a mobile Citadel by Kaliva and Solorok.

Solar Base Edit

Vezon's base of operations. A huge hidden camp far out in the Wastes that's not visible from the City at all. A small city in its own right, Vezon's forces stay discreet, only venturing out to extort "Protection" money from outlying villages trying to stay under New Atero's radar. When a group of villagers doesn't pay up Vezon's forces destroy their homes and force dominance on the villagers. They then take the villagers back, drafting them into Vezon's service.

Black Spike MountainsEdit

The ruined and despoiled remnants of the Black Spike Mountains. Already mostly abandoned after the defeat of the Skrall, the Tower's Incursion has long since poisoned the area with some kind of subtle, dark plague. Nothing grows here, and no life-forms are found, save for a small number of hideous organic-metal zombie-like entities, formed from the corpses of Skrall warriors previously buried here.