Malvo is a Toa of Iron and the head and founder of Nekra Corp. His motives are still unknown, and he seems to hold no allegiance to either the Vanguard or those they fight.

History Edit

Pre-history Edit

Malvo's history before founding Nekra Corp. is not currently known; however, he encourages the spread of rumors. Each story is more grandiose than the next.

Nekra Corp. Edit

Around the beginning of the New Ateran War, Malvo founded Nekra Corp. He personally recruited Pheore and Ticeli as his right and left hands for the fledgling company. He never seemed to show qualms about who his products were sold to or what effect they had, just that they boosted his company.

Spotlight & The Tower Edit

Solorok's takeover of the Empire of the Darkness proved to be a bad omen for Nekra Corp. The new leader failed to continue buying from the company, forcing Malvo to secure a deal with New Atero personally. He spoke with Vashari and arranged the sale of twenty of his new Kane-Ra airships.

When Malvo returned to Nekra Corp. Headquarters, he found it under attack. He and Pheore were attacked by the mysterious Arcangel, who immediately fled. Malvo found his production destroyed, as well as most of the Kane-Ra he was selling to the Vanguard. One Kane-Ra was stolen, as well as a secret project Ticeli was working on. Malvo and Pheore went back to New Atero to speak with Ticeli in person.

Ticeli is in the Tower by the time the two arrive, and insted Malvo takes them for a walk around the city. They briefly encounter Arcangel again, who promptly vanishes. The two then find Ticeli's missing project: Gyraze. Gyraze starts attacking them and others nearby, but Arcangel soon reappears to stop it. The three get into an argument about what is to happen to Gyraze and Arcangel when Zhiode appears.

Petram appeared, temporarily hijacked Gyraze, and quickly left. Zhiode left as well, but Malvo chased her. The two dueled through the streets before Zhiode apparently outsmarted Malvo, leaving him behind.

Personality Edit

Malvo is incredibly arrogant and self-centered.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being a Toa of Iron, Malvo can create and control Iron. He primarily uses this to augment his armor and sword, including melding his sword into his armor when not in use.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Malvo wears a Kanohi Shelek, Mask of Silence

Malvo wields a great, double-edged broadsword.