Rule 1: No swearing, disrespecting, or attacking any member of the RP.

Rule 2: No autohitting. If you want to force effects on people's characters, get consent or do it in a fair way (i.e. if you shoot a flame-burst at a group, and they don't say they doge, you can assume they are lightly burned or something. You cannot use their inaction to have the flame-burst KO the entire group).

Rule 3: No godmodding. This takes several forms:

No citybusting or similar attacks executed instantly. An attack that takes weeks to charge to wipe out New Atero is playable. Having a character who can regularly throw them around is not.

No autododging. Dodging in combat is perfectly fine, but having a single character out-maneuver every attack someone makes or take the hit and have no damage whatsoever is not. Remember, MU/Bionicle denizens are very fast, strong, and powerful fighters. That includes your opponents to the same degree that it includes your own characters.

Rule 4: Reserve broken characters for final bosses, villains, etc. Do not make them MC's. Nothing is less fun than being forced to face down hordes of villains who all have a personal Mata-Nui robot. With nukes. Look back at 3.

Rule 5: Keep everything clean. If your characters must swear, you can use the words, "Karz", "Karzanhi", or anything else sounding Bionicle.

Rule 6: Please choose from the list of pre-approved species for characters. If you want something a bit different for your character, feel free to suggest your idea in the character thread. 

Rule 7: We strongly recommend you start off characters at the very most, at Street Level (that is, can destroy a street or city block at most) in terms of firepower. Through the RP, there can be opportunities to grow in strength and gain new tools and perhaps powers, but having a RP full of people with the equivalent power of a tactical nuke each, is not fun.

Rule 8: Resurrection or instantaneous resurrection is not allowed. Character death is extremely rare and situational, and having resurrection powers (on top of instant resurrection not existing in Bionicle) dampens any potential risk to the character. The only exceptions to this are if canon means are planned and used beforehand.