Selarial, The First Herald, was the first of the Herald beings created by Kirathel as a sick sort of "aide-de-camp" for the tyrant, and a ''helper" for the Toa. After corrupting Sylah and being rejected by the Toa, she vanished from their sight, being imbued with the essence of the other Heralds upon their destruction by the Wrathbringer.

Selarial survived Kirathel's shattering, and joined the forces of the Wrathbringer whence they appeared, too consumed with self-pity and malice to face any other fate....

Early Life

Selarial was created as a possibly organic or possibly artificial construct, made by Kirathel to "deliver" the Four Heralds to the Vanguard in a misguided/malignant attempt to help them. Appearing at the border of New Atero during an attack by Stotie's Raiders, she activated a giant weakness field, which, while it helped defeat the Raiders, also paralyzed and put down several Toa. Several of the Vanguard, including Toas Sylah and Vashari approached her immediately after, attempting to discover her motives.

Presumably under orders from Kirathel, Selarial activated some kind of psychological trigger in Sylah, causing her to momentarily revert into a Toa-killer mode, although she was able to fly away before attacking any of them. Though she offered to "help" them, the Toa (mainly 'Kea and Vashari) forced her away, though not before she promised some vauge ill event would happen.

The Tower

Traits and Abilities