The Nail is an artifact older than space, time, reality, or creation it self.


Not one being in existence has any knowledge of the Nail, or where it came from. It was only discovered after untold quadrillions of years by a strange Onu Matoran.

Only one Nail exists throughout the entire multiverse and all of creation. Even though there was only one, the Nail was able to exist in all alternative realities and timelines at the same time.

The Nail waited in a cave for its entire life span, waiting for one unique person to find it. Torok. At the same exact moment every version of Torok from every version of reality touched the Nail at the exact same time. In doing so, the nail combined them all together into one singular being before implanting itself into Toroks right eye.

It was excruciating having a nail shaped object forced into his optic cavity, but it was also bliss. Opening up the world to Torok in ways that no one could have ever perceived before.

The Nail, having done its job, has long since combined and dissivoled into Toroks being.

Using the Nail, Torok was able to unlock strange powers as well a awaken Six ancient creatures(Boogaboos).

Over time Torok was able to evolve, soon becoming master over everything that existed. The Nail was a gateway to the power he now has.

What the Nail actually gave Torok Edit

Omniversal awareness

Access to the 42 Rahkshi powers

A swirly face

A sense of humor