The OrdonEdit

The Ordon was a mysterious, powerful object that could grant wishes. It was utilized by Necrosis, as well as Kirathel, and possibly will see use once more..


While the source of its origin is unknown, the Ordon was first sighted in a crystalline temple on Spherus Magna, where Necrosis and several cohorts of his entered the temple in order to claim it. Despite being attacked by several luminous, crystal-like guardian creatures, the Shadow Toa managed to retrieve it and escape, using its power to strengthen himself and fuel his plans.

Later Necrosis attempted to use its power to force Sylah, one of the Toa who had personally dueled him, to join his side. However, at this time, Kirathel was teleported inside by Torok, and used it to become a "god". At the same moment, Necrosis also used it, becoming a similar god-creature, and seconds later dissolving due to the enormity of his power (although he later recovered).

The Ordon, with one wish left, was taken by Kirathel, who absorbed it into her heartlight, and used its power to create a tower before being attacked and disabled by Vezakarda.

The Wrathbringer InvasionEdit


Appearance And PowerEdit

The Ordon originally had the appearance of a box-like object, and when used by Kirathel, had the appearance of a crystal-like object.

When in the Tower, the Ordon had the appearance of a luminous, six-sided star, surrounded by several colorful rings of energy.

The Ordon possessed an unknown range of power, possibly infinite, and could grant virtually any wish, if it was stated clearly and with exact words.

Although it could originally grant only three wishes, the Ordon could be reused by simply wishing for more wishes.


- The Ordon's name is presumably taken from the Ordon Village, a location in Legend of Zelda.

- The Ordon may be related to the Box, another powerful and strange object wielded by Shard and Rahzahkea.