The Proto-Toa ProjectEdit

The Proto-Toa Project was an attempt by Kiyara to construct biological entities, similar to Marendar in function, that would hunt down and exterminate Toa in the Matoran Universe, as the first phase of a mysterious plan construed by Kirathel.


The Proto-Toa Project was a plan formed to create and release an army of "Bio-Marendars" (heavily modified and mutated Shadow Toa) across the various island chains of Mata Nui, "cleansing" them of Toa in preparation for a systematic invasion and conquest of the entire Matoran Universe.

Put into motion by Kiyara, dictator of one of the Southern Islands, around one hundred initial subjects (Matoran, Rahi, various other beings, and later, actual Toa) were captured and experimented on, with a large percentage of them dying from the experiments, producing around seventeen "Bio-Marendars", only one of which lived up to Kiyara's full expectations.

In addition to the mutant Toa, Kiyara also attempted to summon Kirathel, a other-dimensional entity who had inspired him to the plan, in order to gain her approval and additional aid in conquering various islands.


Ultimately, the project failed when a former ally of Kiyara's, the imprisoned Toa Rahzaheka, escaped his cell and released most of the other prisoners, resulting in a huge battle inside the fortress. Outmatched by their former charges, the guards were routed and most of them slain, and Kiyara himself was destroyed by his unfinished "Bio-Marendars", with the summoning being disrupted and stopped, despite Kirathel's mental linking with Rahzahkea.

The surviving prisoners (including Shard, 'Kea, and Sylah) later left the island, and migrated from the Mata Nui Robot after Teridax's death.


The Project, while unsuccessful, was able to kickstart Kirathel's escape into the universe (the Bionicle:The Next Chapter one that is), as well as bring Shard, Sylah, and Rahzahkea into the defense of New Atero and Spherus Magna.

Later, it almost proved their downfall, when one of Kirathel's Heralds, Selariel, triggered a memory in Sylah which almost reverted her to a "default mode", in which nearly attacked the other Toa. Additionally, Kiyara himself later returned as a Herald, but vanished along with the other Heralds during the Hunter and Hanah's assault on Petram's Suva.