To clarify; This post formerly referred to a weird short story I wrote wherein a mysterious wish-granter named the Dark Thought (initially it was basically a living powersource the Realm Creators used to make the TNC multiverse) conversed with Rahzahkea. In exchange for giving it a penitent Kirathel it could consume and use as a vessel, 'Kea wanted the Thought to instill a sense of undefeatable hope within the cast, so they would never give up even in the face of evil. It ended with 'Kea expanding his deal, promising the souls of himself and the cast to the entity, in exchange for it imprisoning Torok and the Wrathbringer in an inescapable void, with the rest of the universes left eternally safe from any of them. The quote refers to how the Dark Thought was, being the "ink upon which the story was written" and second only to the "writers" would be capable of erasing/imprisoning both Torok and the Wrathbringer in said void with each other, because it being a transcendant creature that outstripped both but had even less agency to act without interior (read: Rahzahkea and the cast) help.

It's not remotely canon anymore since that plotline fell through and looking back on it I regret putting it here.

Red Space

In its prison at the end of time, dread humanity waits dreaming.